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Our Story

You could say that Tinovus Health was born at the foothill of the Smokey Mountains in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee which is situated about ½ mile from Dr. Huber’s and Dr. Kolar’s medical school, Lincoln Memorial University - DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine. After unknowingly attending Baylor University together, Dr. Huber and Dr. Kolar met for the first-time days prior to beginning their medical education at a potluck. While these conversations were filled with pleasantries, it developed a relationship that would later be cultivated during the clinical years of their medical school training.

During their aforementioned clinical years, they realized their many similarities that expanded beyond their love for medicine, and into their approach to daily life in which both use their Christian faith as a compass. With this, their trust and respect in each other grew. Therefore, as they approached their graduation (that would not happen due to the COVID pandemic), Dr. Huber approached Dr. Kolar with the idea of creating a clinic. During this backyard conversation over BBQ, the idea was more of a dream than a reality. The dream though, was important. The dream was that of restoring what it meant to be a primary care physician. It was filled with putting the patient first. To put them first, they needed to build a comfortable clinic that resembled more of a home than the stereotypical office that is constructed with hard surfaces, sharp edges and the scent of alcohol swabs. Furthermore, they needed to create a system that would allow the patient to see the physician more than the waiting room clock. They understood that when people went to see the doctor, they wanted to see the doctor. Lastly, Dr. Huber and Dr. Kolar wanted to complete the circle by extending their care to patients in the hospital as well. In a way paying homage to the past of healthcare. While at this time it was just a dream, it was important because it was also a seed.

A seed that was cultivated during their respective residencies at Waco Family Medicine (Dr. Huber) and Medical City Weatherford (Dr. Kolar). As they navigated the rigors of residency, the seed truly began to blossom at the end of their second years when Dr. Huber and his family visited Dr. Kolar and his family in Fort Worth. At that time they reinforced their ideas that were once dreams, and they decided to dive head first into the reality of starting a locally-owned, locally-run, private, independent primary care clinic in Waco, Texas.

You could say the rest is history. We now have a clinic that is centered around an atmosphere of comfort, a staff that will work diligently for every single patient and two physicians that continue to cultivate their dream by providing the best possible care and not just because their name is on the building. Speaking of the name on the building, what is Tinovus?


Tinovus is a poetic blend of the past and the present much like the clinic and care they provide. The past being Tighe which is a tribute to Dr. Huber’s late father who was a Family Medicine Physician in his own right, and one Dr. Huber grew up admiring. And the present being -novus which means new, fresh and extraordinary in the Latin tongue. So now that you know our story, we would appreciate nothing more than you becoming part of it. 

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